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Math Monkey (HK) Ltd

Math Monkey started franchising in Florida, USA in 2006. Math Monkey™ Education Centers are a revolutionary new supplemental education service that helps kids to excel by teaching them Math in a fun and challenging environment. Inspired by the wisdom of the East and weaved with the creativity of the West, Math Monkey™ has connected the best of two worlds to create a program that meets the needs of the most driven children. Over 35 years of research and experience in teaching Vedic math, we’ve created a curriculum that boosts logic, reasoning and critical thinking skills, so Math Monkey™ kids can reach their full potential with MathBrain.

Today’s kids are learning more and faster than what we can teach them !

Our methodology is revolutionary. PLAY to LEARN and develop MathBrain !

By instilling a love of Math in young children, Math Monkey will be able to nurture future generations of creativity and innovation.

Franchise Hotline : 852 2307 1028
Email :
Website :


English Eagle

English Eagle is an education center using “Innovative Ways for children to learn, leading to Happiness & Relaxed parents”. We understand the importance of providing an enjoyable and stimulating environment for your children to nurture their curiosity by using a “Play to Learn” approach. Our classes are designed to provide holistic development support through a diverse range of activities designed to bring out the best in your little ones.

Technology is an essential part of our course. Kids will find the motivation and desire to continue reading more and more. Finally, not only are they able to read, listen, write and speak, but they’re capable of teaching others, students can also be teachers at home! Children can do the homework without any help, leading to their happiness and relaxed parents!

Join us and achieve your Education Business!

Franchise Hotline : 852 2307 1107
Email :
Website :


Asia Franchise Networks 

Asia Franchise Networks was conceived to provide franchise business solutions and opportunities for international franchisors and entrepreneurs in Asia.

Our Vision: The premier facilitator for franchise networks growth in Asia.

Our Mission: To develop a community of Franchisepreneurs, to grow by leveraging on  franchise systems, creating a dynamic Franchise Networks in Asia, that drives Small and Medium Enterprises as the engine of growth for Asia’s economy.

Enquiry Hotline : 852 2307 1083
Email :
Website :


JW Media Limited

JW Media Limited – an One-stop marketing agency specializing in Online Marketing, graphic design and web design.

Our Mission: Due to the high-cost on rent, labour, etc., most companies were willing to cut the cost on advertising. The cost or budget on marketing will be lower. Therefore, we would like to help the companies on lower the marketing budget. We will offer the lower-cost marketing plan with much more benefits, and also design the suitable website for companies with reasonable price.



Established in 2001, Semk Products Limited has dedicated to create innovative and premium- quality products. We have grown into an one-stop service gifts and premium company engaged in original design, marketing & promotion, brand licensing, manufacturing and retail.

Our creative premium-quality products are now under ‘Semk” and “Luft” registered brand. Semk’s unique and intergraded business model which combines with ODM, OBM, OEM, Corporate Promotion, Licensing Agent and Retail Business, together with the contribution from a team of talented professionals and the leadership by an experienced management team with a proven record of success, play a pivotal role in strengthening our core competitiveness in the industry.


MEMO Plus Production

MEMO Plus Production (MEMO) is an integrated Public Relations agency focusing on marketing, profile-raising, relationship and brand management. MEMO has a substantial, strong network of organizations and resources that focus on different industries and coincide with the values and mission of MEMO.

 Our mission: Everyone in MEMO are dedicated to serving the clients needs with innovative campaign strategies and network across media and cultural industries.


Our vision:  To provide a regional platform for creativity and culture, linking artists, designers, filmmakers, photographers and all other cultural practitioners across Hong Kong and becoming cultural aspiration among the young generation. 

AF Jewels_logo

AF Jewels

AF Jewels is a brand made by Angela Fan and company’s design team in Hong Kong. She has been traveling around Europe, America and Asia, widen her vision in jewelry design business. The unpredictability of the surrounding nature, beauty and uniqueness is what inspires us. She also brings “Five Elements” into her design that lead us to five major collections, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire & Earth. Angela Fan brings artistic sensibilities and passion into her designs and dresses these qualities in different materials in combination with genuine gemstones, Ideal Cut Hearts & Arrows diamonds, wood, natural stones, crystal, metal and more. We bring uniqueness to your style, care about both high quality of our products and satisfaction of our customers.

At AF Jewels, you can be your own designer, bring your imagination to life with the Design Your Own feature. Just follow simple steps to create your one-of-a-kind necklace or bracelet.

BQNF(with Wave) - Logo

Brain Quotient and Neurofeedback Technology Center


We, as a Team destine to build a Brain-Mind-Body Healthy Community.

In contributing to construct a truly rational, harmonious and inclusive community, we are dedicated to supporting individuals and majority of (all) Hong Kong members to embrace and acquire deeper understanding on the mechanism of the human brain.

We have reached a decade where advancement in brain-imaging technology and extensive brain-science research allow us to vividly understand and appreciate other people’s thoughts and emotions. While behavioral, learning or social problems can also be diagnosed through scientific and objective brain-based analysis, these breakthroughs can be more widely applied in providing concrete and effective solutions to reduce existing human exposure to unnecessary troubled-parent-child communication, conflicted-family relationships, failing-school education and or personnel disputes.

Powerful brain performance and health of every citizen in Hong Kong is the foundation in securing an overall united, creativity, competitive and truly prosperous society. Our team are ready to help bring this Dream Come True!!


Dedicated to providing Excellence in Brain Quotient Analysis and Neurofeedback Training.


Our Center imported an advance Brain Quotient Report System and Neurofeedback Training Device (Neuroharmony) from Korea offering educators, parents and students direct real-time, affordable and scientific measurement of brain waves pattern and Brain Quotient Analysis.

ProductIP Logo


ProductIP is a SAAS expert platform that provides organized access to compliance requirements for non-food products, and provides a collaboration workflow to efficiently work within the supply chain to generate, collect, organise and review product compliance evidence. The use of ProductIP brings structure in the process and daily activities of those involved in supply chain. The platform continuously collects process information and produces continuous management information on suppliers, buyers changing market requirements and issues with products in the markets. With the information, management can make informed decisions on products and suppliers to reduce the risk for their company.

In order to increase and support the knowledge of supply chain operators, ProductIP organizes since 2012 so-called ‘Compliance Tuesdays’ where manufacturers, traders and retail meet every week. Every week a keynote on a certain current topic ranging from fraud in the supply chain (KPMG), age grading of toys (Authorities), EU Timber Regulation (FSC) to battery recycling (Stibat). Simultaneously in Netherlands, China, Germany. Meanwhile the number of users has grown to 7,500+, representing an estimated joint volume of 15Bn of trade.

ABFA_korena_macau_franchise_business_ice story

Ice Story

What makes Ice Story so different?

Ice Story was founded in 2015 on the simple principle of making all natural, artisan ice cream using only the freshest ingredients. Our soft served ice cream is healthy and densely flavoured. This is achieved by using naturally lower in fat Italian fresh milk, pure honey and assorted toppings. We promise to keep the freshness of the ice cream without adding coagulant, preservatives and artificial colors.

Fresh X Low-Fat X Healthy

Ice Story’s soft served ice cream is healthy and densely flavoured. This comes from the strong desire from our customers. Our soft ice cream is made of the natural low fat Italian milk. In addition, we have our own bee farm in Taiwan where specializes in apiculture, as well as provides good quality honey and honey comb to our customers.

Ice Story’s Trendy Collections

We have a team of staff who creates various style and flavors of ice cream regularly: Honey Comb Collection, Healthy Collection and Coffee Tea Collection, etc. And of course some honey drinks and honey collections.

Ice Story’s Message

As a brand of Macau, making the first ever handmade, artisan soft ice creams with the freshest ingredients, our creative ideas come from the customers’ desires and needs. Also, we provide soft ice cream machine for Ice Story’s Collections in events business.

We promise to offer Ice Story’s Soft Ice Cream as the treatment in your busy day!

If you want to be the franchisee of Ice Story, please immediately call +853 6666 9442 or email to



SUBWAY® is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain operates, from 1965 until now, SUBWAY® is entering their 50th year of operation. SUBWAY® has over 40,000 chain stores in over 103 countries and it is more units in the US, Canada and Australia than McDonald’s® does. SUBWAY® name and its products have even appeared in numerous television and motion picture productions, The SUBWAY® franchise was ranked the number one global franchise in the past 22 years by Entrepreneur Magazine, based on research and analysis of franchises located in the United States, which is involved low investment and simple operation. It is really excellent!

Want to join the franchise, please visit

Longo Logo


Longo provides quality beverage products and baking ingredients to the Hong Kong food and beverage industry. Longo is dedicated to innovation and continuously sources the best ideas and products to Hong Kong.
Longo imports our products mainly from Asia including Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and more. Developing new products with Longo, our team will provide professional and tailored advices according to the particular needs of your product.
King Fruits is the trademarked brand of Longo. King Fruits is committed to provide quality products. Established in 2006, we found the existing market to be lacking of quality products. Identifying a missing segment within the market, King Fruits launched a wide variety of food and beverage products to fulfil the needs of the market.
With the success of the brand, Eight & Half started its franchise business model and its food and beverage business consulting services to create opportunities for your own business.
Eight & Half achieves high quality services with standards and believes in simplicity and professionalism and we treat our clients with sincerity.

中南_Logo + Slogan

Reachtop Consulting Limited

Reachtop Consulting Limited is incorporated in September 2000, our goal is to become “Your Path to Abundance & Financial Success”, by offering tailor-made and professional financial and taxation consultancy services to the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We are expert in solving various issues for SMEs. Our domain name, JRT, represents “Join us to Reach the Top”. It shows our sincerity to invite SMEs to be our business partners of Reachtop Consulting Limited, and Reach the Top together.
Reachtop Consulting Limited owns rich and professional experience in consulting services which include accounting and financial consulting services, corporate secretarial services and other professional services such as recruitment and registration of trademarks. Reachtop Consulting Limited earns a good reputation by quality services. Existing clients support Reachtop Consulting Limited by referring new clients.
Our customer base not only serves SMEs in Hong Kong. It has been extended to other parts of the world – China, Europe, U.S.A, etc.
In July 2014, our Group was awarded by CAPITAL “CAPITAL Outstanding SME capital business partners 2014 – Accounting and Financial Consulting” award. In September 2014, we were awarded by Economic Digest “The Best SME Partners 2014 – SME Business Partners of Intelligence Award”.
We understand that most of our clients are SMEs and developing companies, our charges are set at a cost-effective and value for money level in order to help them to develop their businesses easily.


Koalas International Training Limited

Koalas International Training Limited, Koalas’s mission is “enrich the world with joy & happiness through powerful knowledge “. Koalas co-operates with “Lingye International Training Group”, a Taiwan company having over 20 years experience in training business.

Koalas is helping individuals, business owners, enterpreurers to achieve their personal, business and life goals through various educational programs in Hong Kong.

Koalas is the first certified training company by Blair Singer, Chief Business Coach of “Rich Dad Group”. Koalas can help the company to set “ Code of Honor” and conduct “Littles Voice Mastery Program”.


Beijing Natural Rhyme International Trading Co. Ltd

The company was founded in 2012, and spawned its own brand “Design Square” in a few years has become a pioneer among the world’s “lifestyle department store” field! Design Square South Korean lifestyle brand retailing, is intended for urban trend Youth Life Style to create a new experience!

Accordingly, Design Square re-select raw materials, improve the production process and simplifies the packaging, it had gained “simple, natural, texture” both the design concept, cutting-edge line to go public, in line with this policy aesthetics of the times, simple and beautiful goods has long been widely popular, fashion department store chain brand core advantages to win the favor of consumers and blitz!

Design Square currently has over 50 branches in Korea and overseas, successfully established the first department store retail lifestyle brand. June 2015, Design Square more formally entered the Chinese market, now has 5 branches in China, a good response, and is expanding, adding more Chinese specialties.

Tel : 0755-82044913
Email :


Uni Forex Limited

UniForex Ltd was established in 2002 in Hong Kong, registered capital is USD 1 million, assets in Hong Kong over HKD 100 million. Since Hong Kong, was a Free trade port and also main gateway to Mainland China. During this 14 years, UniForex rapidly growing as key of forex dealers in HK.

UniForex is the Major Money Services provider in Hong Kong and our objective is to offer the most reliable, prompt, and simple exchange and remittance services to our clients at the best available rates. Our credibility and efficiency have built up our reputation throughout the years. UniForex also provide online service for transferring and switching your money securely around the globe.

Tel : (+852) 3162 8978
Email :
Website :


Shenzhen Viki Trading Co. Ltd

October 2010, the trade dimension Qi hottest brand in Hong Kong ans into the domestic market, in Shenzhen opened its first store, then go through nearly three years of accumulated precipitation, commerce with business acumen, we found the woman great potential in the field of accessories, single ladies handbags has been unable to meet market demand, therefore, we decided to introduce Elena H, rosabella, nattito time and other brands, products, inclusive, such as handbags, jewelry, watches and seasonal products to develop the concept of Fashion Acessories store, a new “ZAKKA holic” collection store brands have come into being.

June 2013, the first inter-ZAKKA holic founded in Shenzhen city center, then also to the rapid development of Beijing, Qingdao, Nanning, Xi’an, Guiyang, Chengdu, Nanjing and Urumqi and other places have established a number of branches that dominate Japanese and Korean brands in each the total distribution rights of the Chinese market.

Tel : 0755-82044913
Email :
Address : 深圳市福田區深南大道2001號嘉麟豪庭B座1101

GDL Logo -01

Daniel’s Group Holdings Limited

Daniel’s Group Holdings Limited is one of the catering chains originated in Hong Kong. The group was established by Mr. Cheng Lin How in early 80s. The first Daniel’s Restaurant began as a traditional dessert house in Mongkok by 1982, which was then transformed to a “Cha Chaan Teng” business by 1987.

Throughout the years, the group has evolved to a catering enterprise with diversified business and more than 600 employees. The group has established its central kitchen, logistic center and built its standard operation procedures (SOP) by 2007 in order to maintain and align food quality in all branches. The group pays continuous effort in providing diversified catering experience to customers and strategically developed various brand names such as “Daniel’s Restaurant’’ , “Big Top Restaurant’’ , “Smartman Restaurant’’ and “JiSanChun” for fulfilling different catering demands. The group currently operates 18 outlets in Hong Kong.

Tel : (+852) 2404 6997
Email :
Website :


Ranz Beauty Massage Centre

We have dealing with beauty & slimming, foot & body massage and brides’ make-up service over 14 years until now, to fulfill different customers’ needs. Also, all our technicians are well trained to provide massage and beauty service.

Join Us (Local) : Need to pay franchising fee and administration fee, we will provide free advertisement including website, Facebook, website, leaflet by hand. Also, we will provide professional technicians.

Oversea Investment : Need to pay franchising fee and administration fee, we will provide free advertisement including website and Facebook. Also, we will provide free technicians training.

Tel : (+852) 2174 8780
Facebook Fans Page :
Website :



澳門“濠鏡”煙草公司為一間有國際視野與基礎的新興煙草公司。有別於一般國際煙草公司,擁有一體式的供應生產線,世界第一的生產設備,與法國研發的高透度捲煙紙,在其口感與純度上,致力研發並提出創新,並嚴格要求全程手工包裝。歷經3年來的努力,終於研發出世界上第一款獲得 “三口甘”稱號的世界品牌香煙。濠鏡菸草的煙葉都選自南北緯19度~25度的世界精選煙葉。一株煙葉只挑選其4根煙葉,全程專人處理採摘,所以有別一般的煙草公司,每年產量是有限的,所以只能採用全球限量供應的形式。




Chicken Pot Hut

With a short history of merely 4 years, Chicken Pot Hut has already opened several franchise stores including 2 in Hong Kong, 3 in Macau, 3 in China 3. Among them, Shenzhen East Gate Shop occupies an area of 5,000 feet, providing an upgraded dining experience for customers. In 2015, only 3 days of Franchise Expo, 4 investors joined our franchise program with shops opened across Macau and China.

In fact, the top difficulty in catering business is kitchen management. In our case, you can enjoy our “Free of Charge full range Kitchen Management Support”; with our experience in streamlining all the issues of managing your restaurant from front end to back end, making your invested business run easily. Simply enjoy your profit return without hustle bustle management and operation issues. We take care all for you!

Chicken Pot Hut has a wide range of ingredients, including hot pot, seafood, special fried, barbecue, sashimi.

With easy-to-manage and high profit features, we cordially invite passionate investors to contribute to our business expansion.

Join Franchise : (+852) 6998 4918 (Whatsapp/ Wechat)
Email :




地址 : 澳門龍嵩街德泰大廈105號地下
招商熱線 Hotline: +853 2897 4198
聯絡人 Contact Person : 何才弟
電郵 Email :
Facebook :




The Company Estilo em Evidência Ltd, owner of the SPASO ZEN ® brand, began in Portugal in 2007 and it’s a result from the vast experience and high know-how in the Wellness, Aesthetic, Therapies and Consulting Personal Image and business sector. The company’s aim is the implementation of an innovative concept on a large scale in Portugal and world wid , through a franchise network.

SPASO ZEN ® is a “Beauty & Wellness Center” that embodies a new concept of “Integrative health and beauty” marked by a wellness and relaxed environment. A unique and privileged place where you can pamper yourself and enjoy the best health and beauty treatments,an environment that induces to calm and relax. It is the balance of body and mind through the senses, a refuge against the stress of daily routines.


SPASO ZEN ® concept, undergoes a wellness center with comprehensive services in health and wellness, beauty and relaxation. An Integral Beauty Center.

In order to meet the needs of the market in relation to strong demand for relaxation and wellness centers, where at the same time you can treat your physical, mental and emotional balance, the idea was creating an innovative and different space: SPASO ZEN ®.
Searching for SPASO ZEN ® also means a search for balance in daily routine.

Anxiety, irritability, fatigue, stress, are real obstacles to human happiness achievement, undermining the harmony between body and mind. SPASO ZEN ® emphasizes also the spiritual aspect of beauty, combining the aesthetic treatments, therapies and relaxation techniques in a more effective fight against stress, benefiting the body with a physical and emotional well-being.

The aspect of Yoga, therapies and oriental techniques (Indian and Tibetan) is the great differentiating factor of this entrepreneur and innovative concept. The costumer can perform and get a range of services that are complementary to physical and mental welfare, conscientiously and with the appropriate Know How of the services, and costumer can do it all in one and same place.

Website :
Franchise Manual :
Contact : +351 226 099 723 Ms Sonia Gomes
Email :

WaffleWaffle Logo


Since WaffleWaffle!’s inception in 2008 at Taipei, Taiwan, we kept on introducing new and improved products which are popular among our patrons from all age groups. We were first introduced as a take-away fast food store, but through time, we evolved into restaurants with seats. WaffleWaffle! has kept its faith in probity, care and reliance. We have a powerful product development team which will always be there to support our franchisors and franchisees. Together with the provision of a professional training session, we believe that your business start-up process would definitely be made easy. By interacting with your friends and subordinates, you are sure to learn and grow harmoniously, and work together to produce a friendly image for the company.

Logo - Next Gene

Next Genenarration Group Co. Ltd.

With a vision of cultivating our next gene pool, Next GeneNarration Group Company Limited (NGN), believes we should plan and manage our lives based on the ground of science.

NGN believes our lives, our health, our families, our kids, and our future should be managed based on scientific evidence in all aspects PRECISELY, rather than any objective judgments that may vary from person to person and from time to time.

We are grateful that we were born into a time when genetic science and precise technologies are accessible. NGN is eager to share such development with people around us professionally and ethically.

Hope our NEXT generation can be benefited with our professional GENE NARRATION.

Franchise Hotline: (+852) 6998 4918




The Singapore home-grown ROTI MUM Rwas officially launched in 2004 with the opening of our first flagship outlet in the heart of Jurong, the IMM Building. The big bang response to ROTI MUM R was so overwhelming when never-ending queues started forming just to have a first hand to ROTI MUM R, even before the store open for business !

ROTI MUM R has successfully set up a modern factory (fully licensed by AVA, Singapore) to purchase, process and pre-pack the dough and cream under strict quality and hygiene control. And up till today, The Mum’s Taste Test is still applied to ensure that we will never compromise our customers’ satisfaction for ANYTHING, although it may just be a simple BUN.

Standardized system was also set in place at all outlets. The preparation methods and operational procedures are standardized in order to ensure customers get the same speed, taste and quality whichever ROTI MUM R outlet they patronize. In addition, a training system is also set up to ensure that all staff performed on their jobs to achieve these high standards.

Wehave evolved to one of the fastest growing home-grown coffee bun bakery chains not only in Singapore but Indonesia, Philippines, PR China, Kuwait, Qatar and UAE, has launched our attractive franchising package to bring our success model to budding entrepreneur who are passionate and most importantly share the same love to ROTI MUM Rcreations as we do !

Website :

Contact : (86) 4001082013


Irish International Education Center (IIEC)

Irish International Education Center (IIEC) is a center under the Irish Chinese Society Galway (ICGS). IIEC is responsible for promoting cultural and academic exchanges between the two countries.

ICGS is established in 2011 with the support of the Ambassador of China to Ireland and the Department of Education and Skills of Ireland. The objective of ICGS is to “Unite Chinese Overseas, Inherit Chinese Culture” and to promote harmonious relations with the local population.

IIEC adheres to the motto of “We build people” offering professional assistance to students with intends to study in Ireland. We understand that our students are far away from home, so we pay special attention to the needs of each student and provide appropriate support to enhance the learning outcomes of students.

Bio d' Azur_logo

Bio d’Azur Co. Ltd.

Actually Bio in French is Biologique, it means organic; d’Azur is from “Cote d’Azur” (south of France); Maât is Egyptian God of Harmony. The meaning of the brand is to recall the organic product from south of France and with harmony for body and spirit. We want to provide well-being body and facial care products through our brand,  that’s why we only select pure natural and organic product with minimum 99% ingredients from natural origin and organic farming under our brand’s product, such as 100% pure organic argan oil, and Organic Damascus Rose Water. We have developed a lot of loyal users since a few years in Hong Kong and in China.

Bio d’Azur Maât has been created by Bio d’Azur Co. Ltd. since 2010. The creator of the brand has lived in France for 20 years and has been being in natural cosmetic product industry for more than 15 years. In knowing the harmfulness in chemical cosmetic products, she wants to develop safe product and let consumers know the benefits of using pure natural product. With her experience and knowledge in precious natural resources in France, she is absolutely competent to select safe and nature body and facial care product.

Our brand will continue to explore safe, natural and organic products and develop a full range for body and face care.

Fool's day logo

Fool’s Day

We set up our brand on the date of 1st April 2014, so Fool’s Day becomes our brand name. We found that it is difficult to find a pair of unique printed socks in the market. And we foresee they are one of the interesting fashion items in trend which leads us to start socks as our initial product with our strengths – self-design prints. Thanks to our rich experience in garment industry we extend our product line from sock to apparel rapidly so as to make Fool’s Day to be a completed fashion label.

3 Important Elements of Fool’s Day

Quality Of Life – We seek for quality even on the hidden part.

Cool – Our Spirit “Live Wild, Stay Cool!”

Colorful – Add color to our life.


Specify Design HK

Convinced that eveything can bring color, but the face of busy life, tension and stress sometimes have negative emotions. So the creation of spiritual gifts for your busy life to bring positive energy and color. Let life have style, your attitude and curiosity.

Through our original life gifts, for life to bring color and unlimited association.

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