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Karen's photo for ABFA website-s
Karen Kwan - Chairlady

Ms Karen Kwan is a Founding Chairlady of Asia Branding and Franchising Assoication, director of Asia Franchise Networks (Hong Kong) Limited, Math Monkey (Hong Kong) Limited and English Eagle (Hong Kong) Limited. She received her BA from Ohio State University with majoring in Business Administration and Management Information System. Ms Kwan has extensive experience in franchising.


Having been in franchising business almost 10 years, she has participate vigorously in franchising education by being mentor and lecturer for some renowned institutions like seminar or lectures hosted by Maco Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, Labour Department of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Productive Council. She is also invited as a guest speaker in most of Franchising Seminar and workshop in some public Expo hosted by Hong Kong Trade Development Council, like Entrepreneur Day, and World SME. Ms. Kwan is enthusiastic about education, especially for young kids. After returning to Hong Kong, she has operated an education center. With a keen business acumen, Ms. Kwan introduced an U.S. education brand – “Math Monkey” in Hong Kong in 2009 and promoted this brand in a way of franchising.

Eddie Hui (New)
Eddie Hui - Vice President

Eddie HUI Ha-Lam, Vice Chairman of Asia Branding and Franchising Association & the founder and Managing Director of Semk Products Ltd, graduated from the Department of Fines Arts BA (Hons) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He worked as an interior designer and product designer at the same time. In 1999, he decided to study abroad in United Kingdom and entered at the door of the Kent Institute of Arts & Design, which is ranking no. 3 in all UK Colleges about Master of Art & Design. After graduated from the M.A. Degree course of 3 dimensional Design, Eddie came back to Hong Kong and worked as a Senior Product Designer. In 2001, he started to establish his business of Semk Products Ltd and to be the Chief Designer in this company.

According to the background from Fine Arts and Design, Eddie is in belief of the words from Josef Beuys, one of the great Conceptual Artist from Germany who said” Every human behavior can be Art”. In practice, exploring any new dimensions to excel what people have already known and to incorporate into our multiple life portraits to realize the art of living is the theme of Semk. By applying different innovative ideas match with our daily life is what Semk strives to demonstrate in his products. Besides, he recently participated in different design consulting with different brand such as Sony, Nokia, Sanrio, Toyota, Paul Smith, Walt Disney, MTV, Phoenix Satellite, San Miguel and etc.

Brand-building is a long and difficult challenge for many start-up entrepreneurs. In order to have sustainable development and stay competitiveness in market, and even making the brand stand out from the crowd, brand positioning, marketing strategy, promotion, brand awareness are the essential components for successful brand development.

Ten years ago, I started to build my own brand “B.Duck”. There were lots of difficulties from production, quality control, sales channels, intellectual property management; I have also gone through a lot of “costly mistakes” when entering into mainland China market, due to lack of experience.

B.Duck has now expanded from overseas export to global sales network, licensing, e-commerce, franchising, retailing, and catering. We aim to support and make productive contribution to the industry by sharing our experience to other entrepreneurs.

Winny Yeung - Committee Member

Ms. Winny Yeunghas over 10-year experience in handling sizable and all-rounded technological business. She is both proficient in theory and operation of E-Business, and she analyzed advantage of one of the most popular social media,Facebook, in her new book named《Facebook行銷設計全攻略》particularly, which is highly appreciated and recommended by many local entrepreneurs. Besides, Ms.Winny Yeung is not only invited by many universities and government organization to be online business tutor to coach more skill of e-business, but also approached and interviewed by different kinds of media organization to share experience about online business and new trend of it. Nowadays, Ms.Winny Yeung is striving for numerous Hong Kong small and medium-sized enterprises to computerize their business, such as providing consulting service about how to create online shop and relevant design, and effectively promote in different searching engines and social media network, aiming at increasing its sales and make the brand be well-known with using the least cost.

Man Chan
Man Chan - Committee Member

Man Chan, the founder of MEMO Workshop and Tin Shui Wai Kai Fong Society, graduated from University of Toronto with a bachelor degree of Social Science. Man is a talented business strategist that he has already demonstrated his talents in earlier life by turning a franchised Japanese cosmetics retail shop to a cosmetics retail chain in Hong Kong within a year. Besides, he also started up a Credit Ratings Company Limited, which was successfully sold to a South America enterprise with Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s referral. His strong strategically thinking and excellent executional skills developed in these years have established the foundations of his future development. Years later, Man has taken lead in cultural-driven areas by organizing large-scale events such as Hong Kong International Film Festival, anti-drug concerts and community carnivals. With his solid experience in photography, which was learnt from Alain Yip Photography Tutors (AYPT), he became an editor-in-chief of a popular photography magazine, ‘MEMO’, which was distributed in Southeast Asia. Additionally, Man is a lecturer of the Open University of Hong Kong and Employees Retraining Board in Hong Kong.

When I was a first-time entrepreneur, Japanese cosmetics and skin care products were chosen to be the start-up business. I would like to share my experience of IPSA, the most impressive corporate among all brands I have worked with before. In general, toners can be divided into various categories, including dry or sensitive skin type, neutral skin type and oily skin type. Despite these 3 common categories, IPSA has designed more than 10 types of toners to situate all customer needs. I am deeply impressed by the meticulousness and thoughtfulness of this brand after careful understanding, thereby trust and respect are gained from the public.

Inspired by IPSA, I have integrated this key attitude in MEMO Plus Production. Although our partners and clients may not notice the details and thoughtfulness in our project plans and executions, it leads to more opportunities and advantages which are out of our expectations, including:

1. PR professionals need to be attentive and detail-minded in promotional strategies so that the characters of the particular product or service can be shown

2. The wants and needs of target audience can be more accurately addressed by analysing every details

3. Decent packaging is the start of great success

Babie Li (1)
Babie Li - Committee Member

Babie Li, a PR director of MEMO Plus Production, has over 10 years of solid experience in management, marketing and media field. In early year, she worked as a senior project executive at a HK leading PR & Marketing Company and an administrative manager in a famous catering event company. With strong communication skill, good organization ability and creativity, Babie has furthered her career as a DJ and has been active in the foreground emcee work since 2007. Being worked in both field of PR and media, Babie has built a close and strong relationship with media. For that, she is familiar with media’s operation and its strategies, being capable of creating a unique news angles to attract media’s attention. She has also developed an excellent connection with different kinds of fields and associations as she is a member of Junior Chamber International (JCI) and Tin Shui Wai Kai Fong Society. Additionally, Babie is excelled in developing media tools and communications that she has cooperated with several renowned organizations such as Hong Kong Tourism Board,, Hong Kong Design Centre, the Junior Chamber International (JCI), Hospital Authority, HKICPA, the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA) etc.

As the committee member of the Public Relations and Publicity Department of the Asia Branding and Franchising Association, we strongly believe that effective marketing strategies and tailor-made brand building are essential for franchising operations to enhance brand awareness and obtain greater benefits. We emphasize the continuity and sustainability of marketing strategies in order to seize a long-term profitable return.  It can be illustrated by the Coca-Cola company.

According to Coca-Cola Company Statistics, 96% of the world’s population recognize the Coca-Cola logo. Retaining its dominance of the world soft-drink market, the company has been attaching great importance to advertising and marketing tactics. No doubt, the key to Coca-Cola success is the localized marketing strategy which identifies the cultural differences of target markets which helps a lot on boosting the brand value.

We provide advices on branding and marketing strategies as well as organize PR events for our fellow members. Wish you every success in your branding and franchising development!

Eric Chan-0
Eric CHAN - Committee Member

Eric is a professional accountant & has more than 20 years of professional experience. He has worked in the Big Four international accounting firms and listed company in Hong Kong (as accounting manager). He founded Reachtop Group in 2000.

Eric is dedicated to help more customers and business to be succeeded. He founded “Koalas International Training Limited” in 2013 and imported the world master level business training courses. He believes that continuous learning can grow the business, build a strong team and create a better future!

Eric is also one of the certified coach by Blair Singer, Chief Business Coach of Rich Dad Inc. He can help company to set “Code of Honour” and “Little Voice Mentoring Program”, etc.

As a treasurer of the Association, I will make use of my 20 years of professional experience to maintain & monitor the financial position of the Association. Cash flow likes blood in our body. If the blood stops to flow, the person will die. On the same token, if the cash flow of a company stops moving, the company will die.

I will make use of the funds to help to organize various kinds of events to help our members to do more businesses, earn more profits! Let’s be success together!

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