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1)  Help them to Recruit Business by Education & Training

    • Show them how to do branding by attending seminar, workshop or other educational course.  This includes but not limited to seminar (or workshop) regarding to franchising, branding, e-shop, PR promotion and smart phone app.


  • This also serves as platforms for exchange of shared experiences à Networking Opportunities.


2)  Publicity

    • Your company’s Branding image will increase by attending our activities


  • Others will find your company’s information from our website, facebook and other social medias


3)  Generating leads for your company

    • By our website linking, edm and other social medias


  • You may also have your company’s own seminar and we will help you on recruitment.


4)  Win – Win PR and Branding events

  • Combine members to do PR events to save your money and increase the noise of the event.


5)  Annual Branding and Franchising Award


6)  Expo Discount


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