Outdoor Events Tips

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Tips for Organizing Outdoor Events:


For those who had organized outdoor events, you might have encountered the same concerns before:

1. Extreme Weather Conditions

2. Absence of Visitors


For bad weather condition, either event postponement or change of venue can be done. Despite the weather, the number of visitors becomes the major concern of every organizer


A variety of outdoor events have been organized by MEMO Plus for different parties, organizations and companies. We provide professional advice for clients based on weather condition and event content which include different ways to increase attractiveness and population of the event.  An appropriate project plan will be specifically designed according to the client’s budget.


An experience from an outdoor event can be used to further illustrate. Noticing that the number of visitors was far under expectation in an outdoor event, MEMO Plus suggested to rearrange the program by postponing the Chinese opera performance and adding the vaudeville performance in between. Interactive elements were also arranged in order to increase attractiveness of the event. The number of visitors has then been doubled. Both the visitors and performers enjoyed the process while the goal of event was successfully achieved.


Juggling, magic performance and peanuts show are more likely to attract a higher number of visitors in general, while matching with thematic music can also help gather a crowd of onlookers. During the preparation of an activity, we advise to add more related elements to enrich the event and increase the attractiveness.

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