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eCommerce Tips:


In the electricity business development, brand operation has begun extending from the line to the Internet, to develop a wide range of sales thinking, with many brands Taobao cooperation.


In terms of marketing and branding mainly through microblogging and micro-letters and other methods to promote its shops, businesses will begin to pursue a “sellers”, to be successful, we must have new thinking retail. For example, we can rely on data accumulation and analysis, depending on the quarter and demographic breakdown product positioning, marketing plan, bring considerable performance through social media marketing, continue to move towards the third generation Taobao electricity supplier and change !


In the electricity supplier of the road, do not over-indulge in case studies, to data-based, according to its own brand in the direction of increased media exposure theme, events, promotional activities and so on. In addition, also we need to enhance the interaction between the brand and with the guests, such as the lottery regularly held, invitations, gifts, surveys, brand maintenance and create efficiency, we believe that certain well-known brand promotion will sell more with less.

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