8 tips for Social Media Branding Strategy

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When technology is improving from time to time, social media starts to replace the position where hard prints used to stand. Social media doesn’t only help you to improve your sales, but also can be used as a platform to communicate with customers and provide support for your business.

Although there’s uncountable platforms out there, which one fits you the most and which one can profit your business? Are you linking your business with social media in the right way?

Here are few tips that you can drop notes with:

Choose the right platform

If you have already tried different social media platforms but the result doesn’t come back to what you have expected, it might not be all of your fault. Uncountable existing social media are already on the desk, but up and coming one will never stop. We definitely want our brand show up on every channel.

Every channel has their own unique selling point, Instagram is a platform to show your product but Facebook is to communicate and engage with your customers and fans. Our job is to find the right platform to fit with what we are selling or promoting.

Do not underestimate the power of vision

How to catch people’s sight? First impression is the most important trick in every business.

Best example would be Coca Cola. When you get on their social media platform, no matter Facebook or Instagram, the one common thing you will find is their red and white theme. But also the polar bear, too!

Find your theme color:

Coca Cola are using red and white as their theme color, Facebook is in blue and Apple is using a simple white apple as their logo. Every single brand has their unique color to signature themselves.

The simplest way is to find the color from your logo. You want everyone think of you when they see the color.

Keep using the same logo or tag:

You will confuse customers when you keep switching you tag. But when we look at a √, who can that be except NIKE. Or when you look at an apple with a bite, that’s definitely APPLE.

Topic has to be relevant

Different kinds of social media have their unique target groups and age groups, we have to according to specific platform to upload and update our news.

Engagement with customers is a MUST. But then it doesn’t mean that whatever you post will fit the audience.

If you are selling electric products, your topic will focus on technologies, definitely NOT organic food.

Regular updates

A lot of people always complain “why is it no one gives my page a LIKE?”

One of the reasons to explain this will be being you updating your social media how regular. It all depends on the readers to determine how often we should update out posts. There are 2 tools can help you figure it out.

Posting tools will allow you to post your updates at the time when your followers are in the most active period.

Analyst tool will help you to analysis which post are the most popular one.

Connect with Influencers

Every time when NIKE or Coca Cola releasing updates, they get a lot of responds.

When your company’s scale isn’t as big as them, please don’t expect the same amount of responds as they have.

But it doesn’t mean that you will never or impossible to achieve what they have. One things you can do is to look for ‘influencer’, utilize their influence power in order to promote your own brand.

Although popular influencer has a lot of followers, this is not the only conditions you concern with. They have to also provide with:



-Quality assurance

-Professional knowledge


Promote your brand to increase your exposure

Although you already have your fans page or any other social medias, it doesn’t mean that followers would came without doing a thing.

The only way to build up your reputation is to non-stop doing advertising and marketing. Tell everyone around you, print your logo, QR code or links on your advertisement. Increase exposure is the only reason why you have to do advertising.

Engage, engage and engage

What’s the difference between talking to yourself and just posting on your social media? There’s no difference. As we have mentioned above, if your company is still in a beginning stage, it is supposed to be unknown.

So please don’t be afraid to use your company account to engage with other users or even your competitors, I am not asking you to offend them, but at least let the people on their pages that you exist. This is the fastest way to promote your brand.

Register your trademark

It might not be a good idea to host 8 to 9 social media at the same time, only if you have a team or a department to help you handle them. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot own them.

When we do key words search on Google, normally the first few which pops out will be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

If you didn’t register your trademark on those social media and others are using it, it might confuse your potential customers. It’s good to own it first, then push it out when you are ready to handle it.

Registering on different platforms can also help you to do SEO.

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