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The Company Estilo em Evidência Ltd, owner of the SPASO ZEN ® brand, began in Portugal in 2007 and it’s a result from the vast experience and high know-how in the Wellness, Aesthetic, Therapies and Consulting Personal Image and business sector. The company’s aim is the implementation of an innovative concept on a large scale in Portugal and world wid , through a franchise network.

SPASO ZEN ® is a “Beauty & Wellness Center" that embodies a new concept of “Integrative health and beauty" marked by a wellness and relaxed environment. A unique and privileged place where you can pamper yourself and enjoy the best health and beauty treatments,an environment that induces to calm and relax. It is the balance of body and mind through the senses, a refuge against the stress of daily routines.


SPASO ZEN ® concept, undergoes a wellness center with comprehensive services in health and wellness, beauty and relaxation. An Integral Beauty Center.

In order to meet the needs of the market in relation to strong demand for relaxation and wellness centers, where at the same time you can treat your physical, mental and emotional balance, the idea was creating an innovative and different space: SPASO ZEN ®. Searching for SPASO ZEN ® also means a search for balance in daily routine.

Anxiety, irritability, fatigue, stress, are real obstacles to human happiness achievement, undermining the harmony between body and mind. SPASO ZEN ® emphasizes also the spiritual aspect of beauty, combining the aesthetic treatments, therapies and relaxation techniques in a more effective fight against stress, benefiting the body with a physical and emotional well-being.

The aspect of Yoga, therapies and oriental techniques (Indian and Tibetan) is the great differentiating factor of this entrepreneur and innovative concept. The costumer can perform and get a range of services that are complementary to physical and mental welfare, conscientiously and with the appropriate Know How of the services, and costumer can do it all in one and same place.

品牌名稱 Brand Name : SPASO ZEN

加盟費 Franchising Fee : USD 300,000 (Master Franchisee)

加盟年期 Franchising Period : 7 年Years

投資預算 Capital : Nil 加盟地區 Area : 香港 Hong Kong / 澳門 Macau / 中國 China

分店數目 Numbers of branches : Nil

想了解更多關於SPASO ZEN 的加盟資料,請聯絡本會。


Whatsapp: +852 6717 8731

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